Welcome to Coconut Headsets

Posted on November 26, 2007
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On March 12, 2003, I started blogging at Businesspundit. The blog became one of the most popular business blogs on the web. In 2007, I grew tired of blogging and decided to sell it. Coconut Headsets is my new blog home. What can you expect here? Well, for starters, I probably won’t write nearly as often. I prefer quality over quantity, and I plan to write just once or twice a week at most. The format will be more essay, more tutorial, more stuff like that. I won’t write just for the sake of writing, but rather, will write because I have something to contribute.

I encourage you to pick up my feed. I also hope you will go read Businesspundit.com, as the writing there is still excellent.


One Response to “Welcome to Coconut Headsets”

  1. Nikole Gipps on January 2nd, 2008 8:57 am

    I’m still going to laugh every time I see “Coconut Headsets” mentioned around the web … it seems like it’s some sort of codeword for something. Maybe you should have gone with a more tropical theme? In any case, congrats on your new ‘digs’ (or ‘diggs’?) and I’ll add your new site to my sidebar bookmarks.

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