Picking the Right Tool: Why Absolutes Aren’t the Path to Success

Have you ever seen a strap wrench? It’s a useless tool most of the time. It can’t turn a screw, hammer a nail, solder, saw, measure, cut, sand, or do any of the things you spend most of the time doing on home improvement projects. But, on rare occasion, it is the [...]

How To Become a Better Blogger By Not Reading Blogs

Andy Swan left an interesting comment on my post about MBAs.
The strategic thinking aspect of an MBA is worthless. Why? Because it is EXACTLY the same strategic thinking that your competitors are using. Think of business like a poker game or trading the stock market…if most people are playing based on the same set of [...]

Availability Cascades

Holman Jenkins has an excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal today about cascades. He asks some very important questions that any critical thinker should consider. While discussing Al Gore’s Nobel prize, he notes that:
How this honor has befallen the former Veep could perhaps be explained by another Nobel, awarded in 2002 to [...]