Can You Build A Startup Anywhere? Why I Moved Backupify To Boston

Backupify was started in November 2008 in Louisville, KY. In April of 2010, we decided to move the company to Boston, and we officially opened our Boston headquarters in September. There are really only 3 large startup hubs in the United States: Boston, New York City, and Silicon Valley. This post [...]

Think Big: Startups and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

In January of 2009, Backupify was a consumer SaaS backup company. The vision was small, yet I still found myself presenting to First Round Capital’s Philly office. When I was done, Josh Kopelman asked me a simple question.
Rob, if I invest in your company, and someone wants to buy it at the end [...]

Three Big Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Backupify has now raised a total of $5.6M. My fundraising success has led to many entrepreneurs reaching out to ask for advice. I see a common set of mistakes that people make when they think about raising money, based on my conversations with other entrepreneurs. Below are the three key things you [...]