Still Here. Still Thinking

I knew I wouldn’t blog nearly as much when I started this site, but I thought it would be a little more frequent that it has been over the past two months. I still have lots of ideas. I still have plenty to say. Honestly, I even have the time to write [...]

What Are Coconut Headsets?

Sometimes people ask me about the name of this blog. The term “coconut headsets” refers to a behavior of the Cargo Cults. These cults are usually tribal people who were exposed to military forces of major countries during a war.
Famous examples of cargo cult activity include the setting up of mock airstrips, airports, [...]

Welcome to Coconut Headsets

On March 12, 2003, I started blogging at Businesspundit. The blog became one of the most popular business blogs on the web. In 2007, I grew tired of blogging and decided to sell it. Coconut Headsets is my new blog home. What can you expect here? Well, for starters, I [...]

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