Sisyphus For Startups

Push the rock. If I had to sum up my advice to entrepreneurs in one sentence, that would be as good as any.
Backupify is my 17th business idea, if we define ideas not as flippant spur of the moment thoughts, but as something I seriously considered for more than a few weeks. [...]

Social Media and Stupidity As An Externality

I still get the paper edition of The Economist, and I almost never read it online. Yes, blasphemy I know. Here is the deal though - a paper magazine is a different experience than reading online. For me, it is a better experience because I can take it places where I don’t [...]

The Onion Meets The Wall Street Journal

For a long time now I have loved The Onion, but they never do enough business content for a business news junkie like me. So a few months ago, I decided I might as well create my own site. Capitalist Banter has been up for a while, but I’ve been cycling through writers [...]

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