Money and Minds - How The Brain Affects Financial Decisions

I recently started a new group blog with some very talented writers. Money and Minds focuses on investing and personal finance from the perspective of neuroscience. Why does our brain cause us to make lousy decisions sometimes? Read the site and find out. The writers are a talented group with a [...]

Content Populism: Blogs Are Not Conversations, They Are Echo Chambers

When I first began blogging back in 2003, it almost felt like a form of media disobedience. We were called “amateurs” but we felt more like “revolutionaries.” The Cluetrain Manifesto had set us free. We were going to talk about what mattered, the stuff the main stream media ignored. We would [...]

How To Become a Better Blogger By Not Reading Blogs

Andy Swan left an interesting comment on my post about MBAs.
The strategic thinking aspect of an MBA is worthless. Why? Because it is EXACTLY the same strategic thinking that your competitors are using. Think of business like a poker game or trading the stock market…if most people are playing based on the same set of [...]

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