Be Careful When Discussing Your Competition

Some people think the way to grow a business is to badmouth the competition. That is what I thought 10 years ago when I started my first company. I would talk to customers who might ask about our competition, or ask if there were other options, and I would rant about all the [...]

In Praise Of UnSexy Businesses

There is money in unsexy. Really, there is. You wouldn’t know it from the hype. If you read tech blogs you might think the only things that get funded are new mobile social viral apps that let you find new music or new restaurants. But one of the things that is [...]

Dynamic Web Strategy and The Failure Of Best Practices

One of the difficult things about redesigning a company website is that everyone has an opinion. What’s worse is that everyone has data to back it up.
If you have ever been engaged in this process, you’ve probably had people send you articles about how shorting the page or lengthening the page or [...]

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