Meetings and Communication Structures

The interesting thing about really small companies is that they like to boast about how much better they are than big companies. I did it too. When Backupify was 8 people and we never had any meetings, I talked about how cool we were and how much smarter we were than all those [...]

Advanced Startup Management Techniques

Yesterday I spoke at an event and some of the stories I told about how I managed the team at Backupify got a good response - so much that I thought I should write about them. What follows is 3 management ideas that I wouldn’t suggest you use if you are just starting out, [...]

Be Careful When Discussing Your Competition

Some people think the way to grow a business is to badmouth the competition. That is what I thought 10 years ago when I started my first company. I would talk to customers who might ask about our competition, or ask if there were other options, and I would rant about all the [...]

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