Customer Development and Inbound Marketing in Practice: The Story of Snapshot

I don’t blog a lot about the inner workings of Backupify but our recent launch of Snapshot for Google Apps has been very successful, and it seemed like a good time to use this example to correct some misperceptions people have about common terms bandied around in startup circles. In particular, I talk to [...]

Innovation Is Dead. It Was Killed By Innovation

Every few days I find a new article about how innovation is dead and speculating about what killed it. Scott Adams opined a while back that a lack of boredom was the root cause. Others are blaming the rise of cubicles.
This “innovation is dead” meme seems to be gaining some traction. [...]

Push On The Hamstrings

“Unless, therefore, an executive looks for strength and works at making strength productive, he will only get the impact of what a man cannot do, of his lacks, his weaknesses, his impediments to performance and effectiveness. To staff from what there is not and to focus on weakness is wasteful - a misuse, if not [...]

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