Dynamic Web Strategy and The Failure Of Best Practices

One of the difficult things about redesigning a company website is that everyone has an opinion. What’s worse is that everyone has data to back it up.
If you have ever been engaged in this process, you’ve probably had people send you articles about how shorting the page or lengthening the page or [...]

Customer Development and Inbound Marketing in Practice: The Story of Snapshot

I don’t blog a lot about the inner workings of Backupify but our recent launch of Snapshot for Google Apps has been very successful, and it seemed like a good time to use this example to correct some misperceptions people have about common terms bandied around in startup circles. In particular, I talk to [...]

Innovation Is Dead. It Was Killed By Innovation

Every few days I find a new article about how innovation is dead and speculating about what killed it. Scott Adams opined a while back that a lack of boredom was the root cause. Others are blaming the rise of cubicles.
This “innovation is dead” meme seems to be gaining some traction. [...]

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