Saying Goodbye to CoconutHeadsets

I like new beginnings, so, it is time to put this blog to rest and begin again.
In 2003 I started blogging at Businesspundit. It was a great experience and I met a lot of great early bloggers because of it. While I was at it, I started one of the first [...]

Meetings and Communication Structures

The interesting thing about really small companies is that they like to boast about how much better they are than big companies. I did it too. When Backupify was 8 people and we never had any meetings, I talked about how cool we were and how much smarter we were than all those [...]

Why I Still Love Print Media

Reading this article about why print journalism still mattered inspired me to give my own take on this issue. Since this is a digital format, let me be short: digital media promotes breadth over depth, is less efficient to consume, and lacks the serendipitous aspects of print..
Now for the longer version. [...]

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