Will Talking About Tradeoffs Save Our Economy?

We live in a world of soundbites, which is unfortunate because it means the deep, rich, nuanced view that accurately reflects most significant issues in the world has been lost. Why read an in-depth analysis that requires 12 minutes of your time when you can just retweet a couple 140 character zingers on the [...]

Does Passion Matter?

Scott Adams, the man behind Dilbert, has a new book out about career success. He discusses some concepts from the book in this Wall Street Journal article, and the most interesting thing to me in the article is his rejection of the conventional wisdom that you should “follow your passion.” Here is his [...]

Boston And Silicon Valley: Three Years of Experience Later

When I moved Backupify to Boston in 2010, I did it because I thought it was a much better place than Silicon Valley. And I still love Boston tremendously. It’s a city of ideas. I have interests outside of technology, and the Boston is more diverse in its intellectual interests as a [...]

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