You Are Not The Keynesian You Think You Are

I take a fair number of jabs on Twitter at President Obama’s economic policies because, well, frankly, I think he is terribly misguided. As a result, I’ve had to watch numerous liberals jump to his defense and try to explain Keynesian economics to me. Now, I’m not a professional economist, but I have [...]

Innovation Is Dead. It Was Killed By Innovation

Every few days I find a new article about how innovation is dead and speculating about what killed it. Scott Adams opined a while back that a lack of boredom was the root cause. Others are blaming the rise of cubicles.
This “innovation is dead” meme seems to be gaining some traction. [...]

How The HyperNovelty of Online Media Is Building a Generation of EntrepreLosers

They don’t intentionally lie to you, it’s just part of the game. The new new thing is always more interesting than reality. That is why the stuff you are learning is mostly crap.
I hear it regularly, as people tell me their business ideas that show a total lack of recognition of what business [...]

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