In Praise Of UnSexy Businesses

There is money in unsexy. Really, there is. You wouldn’t know it from the hype. If you read tech blogs you might think the only things that get funded are new mobile social viral apps that let you find new music or new restaurants. But one of the things that is [...]

The Path Dependence of Startups Part 2: Sugarscape

How do economies begin? That was something that Joshua Epstein and Robert Axtell wanted to know. So they built a simulation of an economy that they called Sugarscape. They built a virtual landscape that was overlaid with a 50×50 grid. The landscape was endowed with sugar in various locations, and with [...]

Social Media and Stupidity As An Externality

I still get the paper edition of The Economist, and I almost never read it online. Yes, blasphemy I know. Here is the deal though - a paper magazine is a different experience than reading online. For me, it is a better experience because I can take it places where I don’t [...]

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