Buffett in 1974: A Reminder For Turbulent Times

If you have never read Buffett: Making of an American Capitalist, you really should. It is excellent. In this falling market, it sometimes makes sense to remember what the Oracle of Omaha did during one of the worst bear markets of his early career. This story comes directly from the book.
Meanwhile, [...]

Content Populism: Blogs Are Not Conversations, They Are Echo Chambers

When I first began blogging back in 2003, it almost felt like a form of media disobedience. We were called “amateurs” but we felt more like “revolutionaries.” The Cluetrain Manifesto had set us free. We were going to talk about what mattered, the stuff the main stream media ignored. We would [...]

Availability Cascades

Holman Jenkins has an excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal today about cascades. He asks some very important questions that any critical thinker should consider. While discussing Al Gore’s Nobel prize, he notes that:
How this honor has befallen the former Veep could perhaps be explained by another Nobel, awarded in 2002 to [...]

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