Will Talking About Tradeoffs Save Our Economy?

We live in a world of soundbites, which is unfortunate because it means the deep, rich, nuanced view that accurately reflects most significant issues in the world has been lost. Why read an in-depth analysis that requires 12 minutes of your time when you can just retweet a couple 140 character zingers on the [...]

How The Economic Equality Mindset Holds Back The Economy

There is a great Ted talk about Grit, given by Angela Duckworth but based on initial research by Carol Dweck. The “meta” takeaway from Dweck’s research is that mindset matters. The way people think about something affects how they act. Dweck proved this by showing that students who believe success is based [...]

You Are Not The Keynesian You Think You Are

I take a fair number of jabs on Twitter at President Obama’s economic policies because, well, frankly, I think he is terribly misguided. As a result, I’ve had to watch numerous liberals jump to his defense and try to explain Keynesian economics to me. Now, I’m not a professional economist, but I have [...]