Customer Validation: What To Do Post Product/Market Fit

The customer discovery playbook has become well known in the web startup space.
Step 1: Release MVP, preferably for free.
Step 2: Get feedback, primarily from customer surveys.
Step 3: Iterate and improve until 40+% of your userbase says they would be really disappointed if your product ceased to exist.
It’s not quite that simple, but [...]

What Does It Really Mean To “Focus” As A Startup?

Focus. That is the secret to building a successful company. Most every VC and entrepreneur will tell you that. Focus. Focus. Focus. When successful entrepreneurs are interviewed about the secrets of their success, they always mention Focus. But I have always found Focus a bit elusive. The [...]

Entrepreneurs Are More Ideological Than Politicians

There is a contingent to the Republican Party that believes there should never be any tax increases under any conditions for any person. There is a contingent to the Democratic Party that believes rich people never pay their fair share of taxes no matter how much they are taxed. They are absolutists, and [...]

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