How To Communicate With Investors. Tips For New CEOs

Andy Swan, one of my angel investors, asked if I would publish some of my investor emails. I’m not ready to do that, but I do think investor communication is important and difficult for new CEOs. Since several of my investors have commented that they like the format I use, I will share [...]

Making Boston Awesome For Entrepreneurs

A bunch of people sent me this article from The Boston Globe last weekend about what Boston can do to become more “awesome” for entrepreneurs. As an outsider who moved a company here one year ago, people seem to be interested in my perspective, so I thought it was worth a blog post rather [...]

Investors Don’t Care About The Quality of Your Product

The single most common mistake that I see entrepreneurs make is waiting on their product to improve. On a regular basis I have conversations with startups who aren’t promoting their product or aren’t talking to investors because they want to wait until they release some new functionality, and THEN they will go after the [...]

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