Note: This blog contains my own thoughts and opinions, and PJC does not necessarily endorse any of this. So don’t hold the firm responsible if you don’t like what I have to say.

I’m a General Partner at PJC, focusing on machine intelligence, robotics, and neurotechnology. At PJC we do everything from incubation to pre-seed to seed to series a. I’m a EE by background and used to do FPGA and ASIC design. I started and ran two companies as CEO – Backupify and Talla. I’m based in Boston but spend a lot of time in NYC and the Bay Area. I’m not particularly sensitive to location so happy to make investments in other geographies when I like the company.

I write the weekend commentary for the InsideAI newsletter, which has over 30,000 subscribers.

I’m currently interested in: synthetic data, non-neural network approaches to AI (particularly those that use small data sets), robotics companies that look, economically, like software companies, services-as-software models, AI chips, and also companies that believe B2B buying is broken and needs to be fixed.

A sample of investments, either personally or through PJC, includes: Mythic, Rain Neuromorphics, Koniku, Reality.ai, Synthesis.ai, FloydHub, Botkeeper, RootAI, Dexai…