I’m Back

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been 3.5 years since I posted here. I like to write, and have been writing at Investing In AI for a couple years, but my professional and personal lives have been so crazy busy I haven’t gotten around to more general writing. That is about to change again.

This blog is called Coconut Headsets because it’s about clear thinking, and is a reference to cargo cults and their behavior after WWII (google it if you want to learn more). I want to get back to writing about how to think more clearly because it’s sorely lacking in today’s meme-powered online discourse. Wisdom and thoughtfulness don’t carry as much weight as social media showmanship and the ability to sling one liners at your opponents. It isn’t really very useful for getting at the truth.

There are some things here you should check out if you are new. In particular, lots of VCs are writing about this new model of AI of turning services businesses into software. I’m glad they finally caught up as I first wrote about that in 2020. A recurring theme of this blog will be areas I think people are wrong or misled about AI, because there are many.

Anyway, expect 2-3 posts per month. Maybe more some months. I hope you find it useful.