Read The Paper. Don’t Be A Victim of Algorithms

There are a few lessons I’ve learned in life. The first was about reading hard things. I started my career as an ASIC/FPGA designer, and I often designed chips that had to connect to other integrated circuits. These ICs often had specification documents that described how they worked that were over 100 pages long. I […]

The Counterintuitive Effects of Cancel Culture. How Banning Things Makes Them Stronger

They say sunlight is the best disinfectant. I think about that every time I hear about another protest against a speaker or an idea. If you really want to kill stupid ideas, you should actually let people discuss them publicly. Otherwise, they get pushed to the far corners of the internet filled with other nutjobs* […]

The CUP Theory of AI Defensibility For Services As Software Business Models

I’ve written a bit about “services as software,” one of the models I like best in a world of AI. The gist of the model is that you take a services business where humans used to provide the service and you either use robotics ( if it’s a physical service) or algorithms (if it’s a […]

Why Technologists Keep Guessing Wrong On the Outcome of Technologies

An article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday highlighted that Uber and Lyft haven’t lived up to their promises.  Ride sharing was supposed to make traffic better but study after study has shown that it has made traffic worse.  The thing no one is talking about is, this is a bigger trend in tech – […]